Best Ways To Cut Back On Electricity CostTexans who purchase deregulated energy are always looking for ways to lower their electricity bill. All over Texas, citizens struggle to beat the heat in the summer and warm their homes in the winter. On top of all the other electricity costs, it can feel as if there is no relief. The following a list of the best ways to cut back on your electricity costs.

Properly Seal Your Home

Without the proper sealing, your home may be leaking valuable hot and cold air, costing you money no matter what season of the year it is. Luckily, weather stripping and caulk are both inexpensive and can fix this problem before it gets out of hand. By taking of these leaks, you can reduce your electric bill by up to 30 percent, according to a Consumer Reports study.

Use Cold Water For Laundry

By using cold water instead of hot when washing clothes, your household can realize a savings of a few hundred dollars each year, depending on how often you run your washing machine. When the washer uses hot water, this places an additional strain on your energy bill that can be easily avoided.

Turn On A Fan

While it is tempting to use the air conditioner all of the time, the reality is that a fan can keep a room just as cool, at a fraction of the cost. By using fans instead of air conditioning, studies show that a family is able to save almost 500 dollars per year, which is no small feat.

Let Clothes Air Dry

Not surprisingly, constantly running the dryer wreaks havoc on an energy bill. By drying your clothes on a line outdoors or hanging them in your laundry, you can significantly reduce your household’s daily energy consumption.

Don’t Leave Lights On

Leaving lights on when they are not in use is one the main culprits when it comes to high electricity bills. Hundreds of dollars can be saved each year by simply turning lights off when you leave the room.

Install Fluorescent Light Bulbs

If you put in compact fluorescent light bulbs to replace your typical 100 watt bulbs, this can also save hundreds of dollars each year. This comes with very little upfront cost, except for the actual cost of the new bulbs, which is minimal.

Don’t Leave Electronics Plugged In

This may seem obvious, but shockingly, many households simply leave their electronics plugged in at all times, which causes electricity costs to rise sharply. Leaving your cell phone charger plugged in at all times is a constant drain on your bank account. If you are not using an electronic device, there is no use in having it plugged in. Use a power strip so that you can easily turn off the power to your electronics when you’re finished with them.